About Explore Art Class

The Explore Art Class:

At Explore Art Class, teacher takes a very established approach to teaching drawing and painting. What this means is that instruction coupled with practice will bring about an independent and confident artist. This is not unlike the learner system used in the early days. Students worked for master painters for years before they ever became ‘masters’ themselves.

After teaching numbers of students for more than years Explore Art Class has shown that we can teach any student to draw and paint competently, who has the desire to learn. Students who want to learn need only bring their interest, and Explore Art Class will supply inspiration and quality instruction.


Students at Explore Art Class:

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Other Coaching at Explore Art Class:

Apart from taking classes for drawing and painting in different types of media, we are taking classes for all types of Mehandi, Hand Embroidery, Jewellery making and Tailoring as well.

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