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Learn to draw and paint


Learning to draw and paint is not difficult. Everybody learns to walk and talk, and read and write at an early age. Learning to draw and paint is less difficult than all that. All it takes to draw and paint is the desire to work hard, a genuine interest, a little persistence, the ability to observe and a willingness to carefully correct any mistakes.

The constant practice of drawing and painting not only develops an artist’s skill, but also stimulates creativity.

How does Explore Art Class explore your art skill…?


At Explore Art Class, teacher teaches students realistic drawing and painting. Curriculum is varied to include teaching still life, the figure, landscape, portraiture and more. This high quality fine art courses offers art instruction and teaches a student how to see in a new way and offers basic understanding of how to draw and paint.

Realistic drawing and painting skills help strengthen confidence, which in turn lessens frustration. Drawing and painting instruction of Explore Art Class’s teacher helps students to avoid continual dissatisfaction with their artistic abilities so that they will not eventually give up pursuing art as a viable interest. Drawing and painting are learned subjects, just like any other.